Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome to my WORLD

This is my very first installment of what I'm positive will be many. I am starting this blog is a forum for my thoughts, insights, outlook & opinions on everything. Trust me when I say "nothing will be off limits." This blog is me. It will be funny, rude, thought provoking, controversial & informative. I will be AXL ROTTEN.
The big news in Professional Wrestling this week is NOT Wrestlemania. It IS Jeffy Hardy and his lack luster showing at TNA's Sunday PPV Event. Jeff Hardy is one of the most entertaining in ring performers in our industry. That goes without saying. The problem with having such a reputation is...You must live up to that reputation. Sunday's match with STING was an embarrassment to Jeff as well as TNA. Whomever made the decision to allow that man to walk out in front of that crowd and a worldwide PPV audience in that condition should be fired. POINT BLANK! Now, your asking yourself "What condition?" I made my observations of Hardy's performance strictly from experience. 24 years of being an active professional wrestler as well as over 7 years fighting the disease of addiction. I am NOT an expert. These are MY opinions. Jeff Hardy appears to be a state of active addiction. His appearance was that of someone who was under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. I am appealing to TNA & WWE to take measures to protect all of there wrestlers. I personally have lost far too many friends and contemporaries to the disease of addiction. I am currently in recovery and feel great! I offer my services to anyone in or out of wrestling who may need help. I can only share with you what has worked for me in hopes you may find something in my story that may help you.
Wrestlemania- Does anyone really want to see Snooki from Jersey Shore wrestle? The Undertaker vs.Triple H. Will the streak end this year? I don't think so. I personally see The Undertaker retiring at 20-0 at Wrestlemania. When he reaches that mark I feel he will step aside. Follow me on Twitter @axlrottenecw. I am also available for wrestling and personal appearances.
All are welcome!


  1. I find it sad that Hardy is impaired, however, what bothers me more than that is seeing him being enabled by his employer. How can a company knowingly let him perform in his condition? Are they more concerned with the buy rate than his health? How do you fix a problem when the company is knowingly ignoring it?

  2. I spent some time with Jeff recently, and I am a big fan, but I can say from experience that he is Certainly on drugs. Hay, he will learn eventually. Everyone does. Well, one way or another. As far as that skank Snooky...Whats next, monkeys? And Triple H WILL win.

  3. ive spent months trying to avoid whatever the hell a snooki is, and now ive got to see her on wrestlemania...eh whatever id like to see vikki guerrero's cow ass be put down, i dont care who does it

  4. I feel the best thing that can happen is that TNA releases Jeff Hardy if not for his own good but for the safety of others. What he did was not fare to the fans and was not fare to Sting and not fare to everyone that has been in the business. Axl it is good to see some one reach out to support I am 17 years clean now myself and I applaud the effort and daily fight you win everyday.Thank you for being a inspiration to the fans and keep up the great work.